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Press Releases & Announcements

  • PB 2021-006 Start payouts Girobank credit balances (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • Adjusted opening hours Girobank branches (NED) (PAP)
  • Pay-out of current and/or savings account deposits by GI-RO Settlement Holding N.V. (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB 2021-003 Large part of Girobank N.V. credit balances will soon become available (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB 2020-040 Controlled Winding-Up of Girobank: Depositor Payout Expected (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB 2020-030 Voortgang gecontroleerde afwikkeling Girobank NV (NED) (PAP)
  • PB 2020-025 Girobank NV (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB 2019-053 Girobank ook vandaag operationeel (NED) (PAP)
  • PB 2019-052 Dienstverlening Girobank NV rustig verlopen (NED) (PAP)
  • PB 2019-051 Beschikbaarheid deposito's Girobank NV (NED) (PAP)
  • Bekendmaking Girobank (NED) (PAP)
  • PB 2019-050 Deposito’s Girobank NV tot NAf 10.000 gegarandeerd (NED) (PAP) (ENG)
Last updated: 20.04.2021 13:04