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  • PB 2020-019 CBCS appoints two trustees within ACU (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB 2020-018 APC Bank N.V. acquires PSB Bank N.V. (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB 2020-017 CBCS reopens its Curacao-office (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-016 Despite redistribution, a solidarity levy will have a negative effect on the economy (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-015 Warning for Pyramid and other COVID-19 related scams (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-014 CBCS revises economic outlook (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-013 Response to media reports regarding foreign exchange reserves (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-012 Extension for the submission of audited annual accounts by trust service providers, investment institutions, administrators, securities intermediaries, and asset managers (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-011 Dividend distributions financial institutions temporarily suspended to create additional buffers (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-010 QB2019-IIIGross official reserves and import coverage decline (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-009 QB2019-III Economic performance diverges in monetary union (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-008 CBCS estimates show sharp economic contraction (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • Press Release Supervisory Board - Recommendation for new CBCS President (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-007 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic presents major challenges to Curaçao and Sint Maarten (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-006 CBCS-measures regarding COVID-19 virus (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-005 CBCS switches to Instant Payments (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-004 CBCS critical of pace of trust fund aid (NED) (ENG)
  • PB2020-003 Proposal for a deposit guarantee scheme presented to the Countries of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • PB2020-002 Monetary policy adaptations (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
    Powerpoint Presentation: Economic Development and Monetary Policy stance (PDF)
  • Persbericht Transactie tussen OM en First Curaçao International Bank (NED) (PAP)
  • PB2020-001 No devaluation (NED) (ENG) (PAP)
  • Press Release Supervisory Board - Recruitment process new CBCS-president (NED) (ENG)
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